To experience your desire, it has to come within you, to embody it and actually be it. To become one with it.

That’s the way of creating yourself and your environment.

And if you have chosen to become something that you don’t like anymore, change the story you told yourself (about yourself), and you will change reality.

Everything is made up, so believe whatever you want, and you will experience it.

You can choose your reflections

Your life shows what type of person you are… your mindset, your programs, your habits… and how you choose to react, is the way you create.
You communicate, every moment, by your vibe, your moves, your eyes, even with your thoughts and all these, calls and matches with people that have similar reactions with you…

You have the free will to let things be as they are and complain about what life brings you… or you can turn it around and see things differently.
In this way, you change your focus from the outside to the inside. Like this, you create space for miracles, for change for creation.

The reality will be truly real only if we allow to what is, be what is, without needing to consider how it could be different.

Therefore, instead of judging this subjective reality, which is only reflecting our mind, we could change our reality by changing our minds.

But I’m not talking only about changing our mindset… I’m mostly referring to changing our programs because otherwise our reactions will remain the same and we will end up doing circles in the middle of nowhere.